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FAIR HOUSING: It's not an option - It's the Law!

Protected Classes:

The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting, buying, or securing financing for any housing. The prohibitions specifically cover discrimination because of:


  • RACE




  • SEX




Since 1999, the GHFHC has been providing housing discrimination services to the Houston metropolitan area.

Greater Houston Fair Housing Center is dedicated to the elimination of housing discrimination and the expansion of housing opportunities to all persons.

file a complaint

If you've been trying to buy or rent a home or apartment or been denied a mortgage loan and you feel you've been discriminated, you may file a housing discrimination complaint.

We rely on funding from state & federal grants, private enforcement action, and private donations. If you'd like to make a tax-deductable donation please contact us at 713-641-3247. 

Knowledge is Power. 

Check on all upcoming Fair Housing events, trainings and seminars. If you would like to attend a scheduled event, please contact us to register. 


donate to fair housing

We offer training, presentations and printed educational materials to all who are interested in learning about Fair Housing including non-profit agencies, jurisdictions, housing managers, management companies and staff, real estate companies and all other members in the community.


Contact us for details or to schedule a training for your agency.

The AFFH Final Rule includes a requirement for certain HUD grantees (PHAs and CPD block grant Consolidated Planning agencies) to conduct an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) planning process. The AFH planning process will help communities analyze challenges to fair housing choice and establish their own goals and priorities to address the fair housing barriers in their community.

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