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December 20, 2023

The CFPB and @TheJusticeDept today sued Colony Ridge, a Texas-based developer and lender, for operating an illegal land sales scheme and targeting tens of thousands of Hispanic borrowers with false statements and predatory loans.

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10th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

January 16, 2016

We attended the 10th Annual MLK Youth Parade-Houston along with thousands other Houstonians. The Parade not only commemorated Dr. King but also raised awareness about Fair Housing and cultural diversity. Join us next year!


6th National Conference on Housing Mobility, July 16, 2015

National researchers, policy experts, and housing mobility practioners share best practices for improving and expanding housing mobility initiatives at the sixth national conference on housing mobility, “More Choices for More Families.” Conference sessions included:

  • Profiles of new programs and successful mobility practices,

  • New social science research on the impacts of housing mobility,

  • The mechanisms of segregation in the voucher program, and

  • The evolving federal regulatory landscape.

Fair Housing Center on ABTV 55.4 Houston (English/Vietnamese), Aug 2015

Daniel Bustamante and Lyly Dao on ABTV 55.4 talk show speaking about Fair Housing, in both English and Vietnamese. . This is part of a special education and outreach program to educate as many people in the community as possible, including the ever growing Vietnamese community in Houston - the 2nd largest Vietnamese community in the US. 


It is vital that everyone know about their rights under the Fair Housing Act, so they will know where to go for assistance if ever their ights are violated. Knowledge is power. 

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